Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My 'neighbourhood' cafe

Now, this is my neighbourhood. Well, being surrounded by big houses doesn't mean that we stay in one. Interestingly, there is this good restaurant about 500 m away from my habitat and Sr Minister Lee Kuan Yew dropped by here recently for a cuppa and a meal. Reckon wats good enuf for the eminent island-nation-founder is good enough for CPD and PS!

Ambience is excellent. Lotsa pictures decorating the walls and the lightings enhances everything very well. Most importantly, there is absolutely no problem with parking!

As I mentioned earlier in another post, cost is a big issue in the life of a government doctor thus I settled for something that is affordable and yummy. Found this jacket potato absolutely scrumptious and worth the money.

PS had a sandwich (was it in a focaccia) which tasted good and looks healthy ain't it? Our meal cost less than RM20 each. And mind you, this is supposed to be fine-dining.

Then comes dessert. Where would PS be but by the side of sinful, delectable concoctions made from sugar and spice and everything nice? Firstly, it was a fruit flam and the slightly sour strawberries really neutralized the light creamy pastry well.

Next, it was another pastry (I can't remember its name for the life of me) as I feel it was just normal. The picture looked good though. Can someone please remind me?...yeah, i know i suck as a food blogger but this is a late post after all. I need to remember my other brains are overworked as it is!

Then I enjoyed this chocolate brownies which was excellent and not too sweet.

As for Pam and LYY, they came a bit late and ordered really good stuff as well. YY has this crab and duck spaghetti which sounded quite posh and tasted wonderful.

On the other hand, Pam's seafood spaghetti was packed with marine goodies and it was such a huge much so she can't finish it!

So my point is, Indulgence in Ipoh can be extravagant, convenient, delicious, interesting, expensive, affordable...all in the same time. Sounds like a real 'lady' isn't it?


christine said...

that pastry is a strudel! right?? :) hehe. yum. i think the same amount you pay will only buy me a meal at the food court here in adelaide sob. how're you?? :)

the cili padi doctor said...

oh looks and tasted like a strudel! is paltry but cost of living in Ipoh is lower compared to KL.

i'm fine. studying for MRCS 3. Probably working in Singapore from mid sept onwards