Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The morning after

My posts' titles are beginning to sound like some cheap Mills and Boons romance novels! Nothing romantic about the morning after a long run. In fact, it can be downright excruciating.

Isn't the view from my hospital pretty? On the other hand, I wasn't a pretty sight when people are asking me why I am walking around like an old lady with a fractured ankle! I have to admit that I need to push up my training (and be fitter!) when everyone asked me today “ Eh, Dr L…why are you walking around with a limp?”

I know, you are all mouthing a big “SERVE YOU RIGHT” to my face. I mean, who on earth would go run a 10 km, spent the Sunday reading/surfing/taking pics/facebooking (and not resting) and then go on-call on Monday? Not to mention that Monday was the day that I saw 80 plus patients in the wards from 7th floor all the way to 2nd floor (covering almost 10 wards). Mostly without the lifts (as the 'runner' apparently is too tough for lifts!!) and then go into the OT until wee hours of Tuesday morning!

The right solution is staring at me right now..my sweet old bed with the comforter and quilt. After all, it’s a rainy night right? WRONG!

Resting is good after races, but if I need to aim for something else later this year, I should be running again by tomorrow. I think I am infected with PS diseases and it’s highly contagious. I miss my 'playground', especially when it's raining and deserted. Hints of eccentricity spreading in my house isn't it?

Somehow, putting Polo Ground right next to the cemetery adds some form of character to this almost-flat route ain't it? I do adore rays of sunset peeking from amongst the stately trees but don't really fancy the big crowd of people and vans of food vendors parked along one corner of the park.

Anyway,I think I strained my Achilles’ tendon (meaning gastronecmius and soleus included) because of the oncall rather than the run. Or is it I rather go moaning and whining about the fact that we have patients in more than 10 wards in the hospital, all in different floors instead of admitting to the fact that we have to rest BECAUSE there is a time for everything.

There is still this nagging feeling in me that if I run more, I will definitely improve on the stamina part and not complain so much of visiting so many wards right? I guess I should count it a blessing that I could actually help so many people (angelic, beatific smile...)

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