Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bus Ride from H---ll

I had a good-bad sort of week. The good thing is that I really studied despite a lot of other options available (like watch a movie, hang out with frens, run, swim) making me the dullest conversationist for the moment. My two calls were brilliantly busy and tiring. Thus I was quite glad when I realized that I am given the 'GET OUT OF JAIL' card...yup, I was released from oncalls until I sit for exams in view of good number of medical officers in my department now.

Yet to me it's a Catch-22 situation. I love some of my oncalls because every call provides good cutting opportunity......but I am so exhausted after most of the 36-hours stretch that I cannot realistically and efficiently study. Now that I am exclusively studying, I love the fresh feeling of enough zzzz but miss the adrenaline of OT. Gosh, it's really hard to please a girl isn't it?

When I got home, I sat down and grappled with Last's Anatomy (sort of modern day Gray's Anatomy but much more relevant to clinical practice) which is excellent surgical trainees. At one point (around 3 pm on a drowsy, warm Saturday), I fell asleep with specs on and with my face on the book. I am lucky I didn't wake up with ink imprints on my face!!

That's when I reached for my back-up 'Power' shoes and went to Kiara Park for a quick run. When a group of friends came for chit-chat at night, I felt a bit guilty as I left them after a while and became the most antisocial person ever..I returned to Last's Anatomy while the group was busy with Final Fantasy X, etc on the Playstation.

The icing on the cake was the bus ride today : the hottest journey I have ever taken in my life. I vowed not to take Roadways again. I felt like being slowly roasted in an oven as the air-cond broke down and the 2.5 hour journey felt like an eternity. Imagine my deliverance as I escaped from the bus in Ipoh and went home. Phew...please remind me not to get on a bus without air-cond in Malaysia ever again!!!

P.S. : This post is without photo all thanks to my ever 'reliable' Maxis mobile broadband. All credits go to them for brilliantly functioning when I do NOT need it and refusing to act when I ACTUALLY need to go online. Therefore, posted from the hospital

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