Tuesday, February 19, 2013

As the countdown ticks on

One of the best part about getting married? Preparing for the actual day. The countdown began last year and now we are at the halfway point..another 6-7 months to go before DTTK (Docs Tie the Knot) in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. I've been enjoying the preparation so far even since we've started executing plan DTTK in Sep 2012. 2 OCDs(obsessive-compulsive doctors) made quite a good team, as long as we are willing to compromise and work together towards a common goal (ahem)

I love looking at pretty pictures on Pinterest and various websites on the Internet, as I don't think I have the funds to hire a planner...every single penny counts as 2013 is a watershed year. Therefore, out comes all the library books on wedding planning, websites-searches, forums, interview sessions with newlyweds and honeymoon itinerary. I feel really blessed as YY definitely rocks when it comes to logistics and planning...as for me, I adore projections and grand overviews but when it comes to the nitty-gritty (small stuff), I can be a bit forgetful. Anyone shares the same trait?

As for DTTK, I thought of this tagline spontaneously while I was sending out save-the-date e-cards on FB. It's a play of words, esp since we both tie knots for a living...I mean, if we are not good at tying knots, a few litres of blood later and there goes a patient. On the other hand, the most important knot in our personal lives is a 'figurative' knot, a covenant made before God and man marking an important milestone in our lives together.

I'm very grateful for every single help I could get and so far, the people we've met are really lovely and kind in our dealings with them. After multiple formal classes in church (I strongly recommend the Before You Say Yes course and the PREPARE-ENRICH questionaire/counselling for engaged couples) and another few sessions of 'one-on-two' counselling session, I felt a bit more 'prepared'. This commitment is a work-in-progress and just like our journey on earth, we'll never know how will the Lord greet us once we see Him again. Neverthelss, stepping into a new role soon is both exciting and challenging and being the CPD, of course I'm enthralled at upcoming challenges and changes!