Thursday, November 29, 2012

And then I was a bridesmaid...

When one of my oldest friends ever, YH asked me to be her bridesmaid, I said YES! We practically grew up together and I've known her longer than a lot of people, and vice versa. What is most poignant is that although we are living in different countries now, we still keep in touch thanks to whatsapp, facebook, emails and chats. 

Thanx to our amazingly busy schedule, rehearsal was pushed to the last day before her wedding. The rehearsal itself was heartwarming and communal..everyone from her family, church mates, cell group people, YY and I..we chipped in and helped with the practice and decor. She shared my firm belief that marriage is a simple, happy celebration of love and not something that is impersonal or materialistic. Every bride-to-be is rightfully excited about her own wedding...after all, it's a once-in-a-lifetime thingy. After helping out in YH wedding, yours truly is :
1. More than ever committed to stamp the hallmark of YY and LL on my own big day - quirky, interesting and unconventional.
2. To invite as many people that I love as possible..and with a healthy headstart ( I have 10-12 months to plan!) so that it'll be a big FAT GREEK, (oops, I mean) a BIG FAT MALAYSIAN-SINGAPOREAN wedding.

As for wedding personnel, YH was super-blessed - I think it comes from her gracious heart, heart of a servant of Christ. So many lovely souls played a role in her big day. Even the flower girl starts early nowadays..look at the cutie posing for us during the practice. She is adorable..however, the moody ring bearer went on strike. So we couldn't capture him in action.

Another culture which is peculiar to few countries in Asia and especially popular in Malaysia and Singapore is the 'jip san liong'..don't really know how to translate into English...some people described it as 'gatecrashing' but seriously, we are all civilized people here. I mean, we only want to have some fun and 'orientate' the groom's contigent. No crashing of gates here ok. Of course we do open the gates and doors willingly after they passed the 'tests'. (Pssst..remember the angpows hor).

I love the colourful wigs. Can I inherit them? By the way, the cute skirts? These are handicrafts from YY and I. we made the hula skirts for the grooms' men (heng tai) the night before. Some people say that we are imported free labourers..well, I think our skirts are quite pretty aren't they? For those interested in getting a set, these skirts are only available in pink, while stocks last.

Another almost-permanent fixture in these events are the prerequisite breakfast and drinks for the hard-working men. The international cuisine provided is astounding to a wide-extent, it's a fusion of Japanese, Indian, Chinese and Malay food. Wasabi is a very popular ingredient nowadays and check out the generous toppings on these biscuits. I brought along some Lomotil for the brothers, you know....thankfully, none of them needed it :-)

The happiness extended to the 2 bridesmaids who got engaged within the past 3 months. There is definitely love in the air! All thanx to YH and CW...

By the way, I started a new blog with but realized that I don't have the time to concentrate on 2 blogs. I think I'll just talk about my preparations for the big event in Sep 2013 on this site. I'm sure you guys don't mind right?