Saturday, October 24, 2015

Unearthing a new talent! Live update of my vegetable plot Part 1

I am so excited today because almost all the bok choy seeds I've sown recently have germinated! Hooray...

My first crops of vegetable consist of these boy choy. 2 days after carefully sowing the seeds, this is the outcome.

Obviously, I was very pleased after my initial failure of growing anything from Horti seeds. I realized that the quality of seeds and types of plants really matter. Being a novice, I'm probably not ready for plants like thyme or rosemary in a tropical country. So far, I know basil, succulents and orchid works very well in an indoor setting in Singapore

5 days later, I've decided to transplant the immatured 1-inch seedlings from the plastic tray to the eventual container. Experimenting with 3 different types of containers, a deep container, a long planter and a small little container (for microgreens perhaps). I suspect that the little container will be overgrown with bok choy within 1 week if the growth spurts continue. This is the outcome today after I gave some diluted liquid fertilizers from Daiso.

My next step will be to further thin the seedlings so that they are about 10-12 inches apart. In the current state, these babies will probably die off they are still very crowded and this will probably impair their full maturity later.

I think I've found the key ingredient: very fertile soil from the local market in Clementi, mixed with compost. This is further complemented with water used to wash seafood I cook (I cook once a week, that's the most I can indulge in my second hobby). I've also taken to using organic insecticide and revitalizer to help prevent illness and insects. Hopefully, the bok choy will thrive in this sunny alcove and soon I'll be able to harvest my own vegetable!