Sunday, June 26, 2011

House @ Dempsey

After church service today, SW and I decided to go to Dempsey since her parents are in town. Having a friend who can drive really improves my quality of life (of course, I think I should consider getting some wheels myself, but nonetheless, still waiting for prices of stuff to drop). She suggested House as PS cafe was packed to the brim.

It was a sunny and relaxing Sunday - having a few hours of rest while oncall helped my mood as well.

It is a pleasant cafe right next to a secondary jungle, which I heard belonged to a certain Malaysian royalty, therefore undeveloped.

We ordered different kinds of food - pasta, pizza, fish and burgers. I remembered that the food was quite good. I wasn't disappointed.

My pasta - which is the chef's favourite - called Bay Prawn Cappellini was gorgeous. I loved the fresh prawns, fresh taste of leek and also the birds eye chilli scattered sparingly. The other dish ordered by my friends were good too. I enjoyed the truffle-infused fries and also the thin-crust pizza (so thin, it was like pappadam!). SO will I come again? Definitely. Anyway, today's outing marked the first time I ventured out with a 'heritage' camera handed down to me. I kinda like the pictures compared to my usual digital camera. Can't wait to try it out in Sydney soon!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What happened to me?

Someone asked me: did you stop blogging completely? I think yes, for the past 6 months...because of various reasons. Mainly, lack of motivation and heavy inertia. Life on this island is so hectic and the point that I lost interest in most things I love, including running, church-related activities, studying and even relationships. I felt like I just couldn't go on as before. It was just humdrum daily grind of work and facing the four walls at my rented HDB room. Quite dismal eh?

Then recently, something clicked..I don't know whether my neurotransmitters began firing at full cylinders again, or I actually bounced back from 'adjustment' disorder...I began running and singing/playing guitar without stressing about it. I even regained my confidence in operating and taking charge in the theatre.

Although I am still as confused as ever about relationships, my optimism has returned and I hope one day I will find the 'one' the meantime, smile and c'est la vie! looking forward to a return to blogging and more posts & pictures ahead :-)