Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What happened to me?

Someone asked me: did you stop blogging completely? I think yes, for the past 6 months...because of various reasons. Mainly, lack of motivation and heavy inertia. Life on this island is so hectic and the point that I lost interest in most things I love, including running, church-related activities, studying and even relationships. I felt like I just couldn't go on as before. It was just humdrum daily grind of work and facing the four walls at my rented HDB room. Quite dismal eh?

Then recently, something clicked..I don't know whether my neurotransmitters began firing at full cylinders again, or I actually bounced back from 'adjustment' disorder...I began running and singing/playing guitar without stressing about it. I even regained my confidence in operating and taking charge in the theatre.

Although I am still as confused as ever about relationships, my optimism has returned and I hope one day I will find the 'one' the meantime, smile and c'est la vie! looking forward to a return to blogging and more posts & pictures ahead :-)


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Anonymous said...

Ok. I thought something bad happened as you were having some health problem before.

good to hear you back doing things you like. keep blogging!

it's good to record your life. someone out there is reading.