Sunday, June 26, 2011

House @ Dempsey

After church service today, SW and I decided to go to Dempsey since her parents are in town. Having a friend who can drive really improves my quality of life (of course, I think I should consider getting some wheels myself, but nonetheless, still waiting for prices of stuff to drop). She suggested House as PS cafe was packed to the brim.

It was a sunny and relaxing Sunday - having a few hours of rest while oncall helped my mood as well.

It is a pleasant cafe right next to a secondary jungle, which I heard belonged to a certain Malaysian royalty, therefore undeveloped.

We ordered different kinds of food - pasta, pizza, fish and burgers. I remembered that the food was quite good. I wasn't disappointed.

My pasta - which is the chef's favourite - called Bay Prawn Cappellini was gorgeous. I loved the fresh prawns, fresh taste of leek and also the birds eye chilli scattered sparingly. The other dish ordered by my friends were good too. I enjoyed the truffle-infused fries and also the thin-crust pizza (so thin, it was like pappadam!). SO will I come again? Definitely. Anyway, today's outing marked the first time I ventured out with a 'heritage' camera handed down to me. I kinda like the pictures compared to my usual digital camera. Can't wait to try it out in Sydney soon!

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