Friday, August 29, 2008

Weddings galore!

There's been a lot of weddings to attend in this year alone and truthfully, it's pretty tiring for me to try to schedule my time to go for all of it. Therefore, there might be times when I couldn't share in my friend's joy due to work and travel commitments but I do like to make an appearance in these events. After all, it's an opportunity to feast on the good food, see my beautiful friends as radiant brides and most importantly, imagine the number of hot guys hanging around weddings. Not too bad huh?

Despite my earlier wishes, it's actually not easy trying to catch hotties at weddings. I find that the guests are mostly well-dressed hot babes while single guys (especially) tend to avoid these events. I wonder why? I mean, there are plenty of single, available cute chicks dressed up to the nines at this kinda occassions but when it comes to guys, ermm..sorry la. Or maybe I wasn't looking previously? Hope that I will be proven wrong as I will attend a few more weddings the next few months so that I can 'cuci mata' and at the same time, snap plenty of photos well.

Recently, I went to a Malay friend's wedding in TI and she looked like a movie star! I mean, she was in her fineries and she was beaming so happily that I worry she will get a facial cramp. Of course the food was great and the atmosphere totally different from a Chinese wedding. The best thing is that I could chit-chat with my long-lost friends with whom I sorely miss. On the other hand, I'm glad that an Indian friend will be getting hooked next month so I am looking forward to a totally different & multi-racial experience altogether.

Anyway, all these events provide the best avenue for me to practise my budding photography skills. Although I'm hardly improving at a supernova pace due to my work and social commitments, I do wish for a dslr camera one day to properly indulge in my newly-discovered hobby. It has yet to fully bloom into an addiction but I know that I'll soon be a photography freak when the right time comes.

In the meantime, i will settle for my trusty little portably Canon Ixus camera for quirky and memorable shots to capture our various experiences in this wonderful journey we call life. Meanwhile, I hope that my transfer go by speedily and smoothly so that I can move to a bigger town and enjoy an urban life again. I think I am getting too used and comfortable to the bullock carts (as above), oil palm estates, sedated driving and quiet nights in DC!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Eh, why so serious one la...

From high above the metropolis, in a room on the 24th floor of a 5-star hotel, a series of events that unfolded over a weekend altered the course of my life and changed my plans drastically. I know that change is the only constant in life but the biggest change in my life which occurred last week surprised me to the max. The end of a chapter is only the beginning of another chapter in my life as I know that I can look forward to a fun and fulfilling future, filled with excitement and activities.

I know that I’ve been very overly serious recently and totally unlike my old, cheerful and easygoing self. I’ve been through denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. The lessons learnt throughout this entire process were painful but necessary for me to grow up and be a better person. I feel so hopeful and loved when so many friends supported me through this period and made me feel wholesome and joyful again. Most importantly, I know that I’ve gained a close buddy with whom I can trust and have fun with.

After running in another 10 km race (this time up and down plenty of hills and pass many scenic spots in KL), I begin to understand what a runner feel when the adrenaline flows through our vessels and the endorphins run through our body. I guess this is an impetus for me to do more physical activities and have fun while doing so. Not only that, looking forward to another new activity this weekend as I travel to a national park for an encounter with nature. Life is beautiful indeed…

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The World of rich dads and poor dads

I’m not someone who is deeply into financial matters and investment but a chance encounter with a book written by Robert Kiyosaki is changing my life, gradually. After my physical exertions one fine day, I settle down in a cosy corner to spend some time with a new book. I was pleasantly surprised at this good choice. I never thought that a book on rich dads and poor dads can alter so many of my thought patterns.

There are many ways to get rich, legally and illegally. The Cashflow Quadrant is an eye-opening concept for me as I realized that I’ve been firmly entrenched in the E & S category for so long and need to get into the B & I category soon. It’s so fun and enriching (no pun intended) trying to figure out my financial plans and learning to be more responsible for my own future and directions.

So I guess I need to turn my ideas into assets and it has to start somewhere. I’m so glad that I’m on my road to become a financial-savvy person.

So the past few weeks have been an eye-opening, roller-coaster days for me as I open up new chapters in my life. My K2 roller-blades are used actively as I learn how to stop effectively and my running shoes are breaking open at their seams. Actually, I think I have always adored rollerblading, but it’s just that I couldn’t invest in a good pair of skates until now. Of course, my current gang at DC has infected me with even more enthusiasm for this speedy but flexible sport that I’m indeed hooked…

Not only that, I’ve been contemplating how to improve my photography skills and the dust has been lifted off my poor saxophone. Well, I guess this is how I fill up the void and time without Internet in my life. These are indeed exciting times!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Private Life of a Busy Healer Bee Part 1

Bees are fascinating creatures. I love to see them in action, being so busy and productive. If I could be one insect, I think I would be a bee just because I love activities. Of course, I do day-dream and wish that I could be a gracious, relaxed creature like a butterfly but I am so different from a butterfly. On the other hand, I think a bee is much more fun and interesting. Just like how Winnie the Pooh adores honey, I think honey is the elixir of life and guess what, bees produce that too.

Back to my original story, I have decided to expand upon my extensive list of hobbies and sports interest. Besides running and swimming regularly, I am now cultivating new interests in roller-blading, hiking, tennis and photography. Not only that, blogging is becoming entrenched into my daily activities while my saxophone got revived from an untimely demise. So in short, I’m firing on all cylinders and eager to maximize my life!

According to some of my friends, roller-blading, like skateboarding, seems to be a dying fad among the youth culture. The rise and fall of r-b is so spectacular that most people seem to attribute it to the 90s. However, today I went to a shop in TTDI and bought a pair of K2 skates at an amazing discount, together with a set of protective gears. As I cruised around the spacious store, I was so thrilled with this re-discovered toy. I’m all set to explore the world of in-line skating once again..will practice all I can in DC and return to KL with good skills so that I can join the in-line skaters in their community events…hurrah!

This healer bee also had a real-life lesson from reading a wonderful blog today. The lady blogger was talking about judging others and being too critical and over-reacting to things in life. She mentioned that the main reason why a lot of communication breaks down, especially between guys and girls is that girls (especially ‘thinkers’ like me) seem to over-react and worry about things. Not only that, we can become too critical about ourselves and others. That’s how the root of gossips, slanders and defamations begin.

As for being judgmental, I was so humbled when I think about how many times I have pre-judged others without giving them a chance. In fact, if I were to be in their shoes, I would probably do the very same thing or even do worse things in life. Just because I am given so many talents and giftings, it doesn’t mean that God gives everyone the same energy, enthusiasm, principles and attitudes.

If I stop loving people for who they are, I stop being a human. I become an island..I will be doomed. Therefore, I have repented and convinced myself that I need to love people for all they represent for each of them are like precious flowers to a healer bee like me.

By the way, talking about flowers and bees...I do look forward to a hiking and camping trip at the end of this month. Endau-Rompin, here I come!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Art of War? My simplified version...

A battle won doesn’t mean that the war is over. It doesn’t matter if one begins well, all it matters is how well the ending goes. The most important resource in life lies within us. Always take time to make friends, not foes. Procrastination is the thief of time...These are some of the axioms in life which I took some time to digest and a long time to ponder upon.

When we go through life without a plan, a dream, or in short, a strategy, we are bound to sink into a quagmire of mediocrity and solitude. If we aim for greatness in life, there is no one to stop us but ourselves. Each of us has a different path to follow and not all of us are meant to achieve the best through the same way.

Some has the best-laid plans prepared for them since birth, while others forged their way through hardship and wit. It doesn’t mean that if we are in a disadvantageous situation now, we are meant to fail in life. On the contrary, the most successful people wisely utilized and dramatically change the course of their life through much thinking, effort and prayers.

There are many motivations in life. Our standards and yardsticks are as different as night and day. The expectations that our society places on our young people are so tremendous and inflexible that I fear for the sanity and mental health of many of them. Young children are ending their own lives when they feel that they have failed. Affluent teenagers may turn to substance abuse to escape from the pressure laid upon their young shoulders. Unhappy young adults are ruining their lives with ineptitude and idleness, some with no aims or directions in life.

I am also guilty of floating about aimlessly and selfishly. There are times when I wish that I can utilize my energy and time in a much better way. Initially, I thought that I was just waiting for time to pass by as I watched a recent movie by John Woo. Oh, how I was mistaken!

As I didn’t grow up with much knowledge on Chinese literature, I have not much of background information on the astounding history of my forefathers. I have heard of the romance of the three kingdoms and knew about some of the famous heroes in the novel but I have never read it personally. After watching this movie on red cliff, I began to feel extremely motivated and astonished at the military tactics and warfare strategies. I lifted out so many lessons from a Mandarin movie although my grasp of the language is not strong at all (what to do, i'm a partial 'banana')

This is when I realized that we cannot go into anything in life blindly. We must evaluate all the benefits and risks. When the timing is right and the words put in the perfect context, we multiply the desired outcome and mould it to our benefit. Impatience and ill-temper will never get us far in will only serve to illustrate how immature and poorly-bred we are. If we execute a plan gracefully and allow the maneuver to fall into place one by one, then we have achieved efficiently.

By the way, I must look for a copy of the Romance of the 3 Kingdoms in the English language the next time I am in a bookstore. I am hooked! Talking about Chinese culture, I'm quite proud that the 2008 Olympics is about to begin in the Middle Kingdom...what an exciting month ahead as we feast on sports, friendship, fair-play and culture.

"Written on a very 'motivated' day when I was in a philosophical mode"

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


A few weeks have passed by and I’m still without internet at home. It seems like I’m missing something in life. The cyberspace world is fast becoming essential to most young people, an indispensable utility in life.

Contemplating getting maxis or celcom broadband as I might be moving about in the next few months…dunno which town will I actually settle in. However, discussed with my friends and realized that it’s pretty costly and occassionaly infuriatingly slow. Any comments from current users?

So, I ended up carrying my laptop wherever I go and spotting the Wi-Fi sign like as if I m in a treasure hunt. Don’t be surprised if you see me vegetating in from of my computer in a cafĂ© near you. I’m a full-fledged ‘cyber-squatter’ now, haha.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Food and an atypical movie-nite

I love Japanese food. These gastronomical wonders are always sensory treats, as the act of preparing good Japanese food involved all 5 senses....of sight, smell, sound, taste and feel. The food is presented in a very delightful manner, with multiple colours and beautiful cutleries/utensils. The most perennial favourite among Malaysians would be the ubiquitous Sushi King but in recent years, many new Japanese restaurants appeared on the scene.

Most of these restaurants are quite costly but with a peaceful Zen-like ambience which is very conducive for conversations. The food is mostly in small portions (which add on to our expenses as we pile on the plates). I guess most of us cannot resist the pretty and tasty sushi on colourful plates anyway...

I went to Mid-valley and stumbled upon Yo! Sushi. The food is quite good but again, the cost is an issue. I was a bit hungry even after the dinner there and later proceeded to a hawker's stall for a very filling meal. Of course I enjoyed the experience but I think I am still used to a hearty dinner.

The doughnuts craze has also hit our shores in the past 1-2 years. This round pastry with endless, creative toppings is causing quite a stir among us. Big Apple, J.Co, etc are just some of the many big names entering the market. It's amazing to see all the long queues in front of these shops in almost all the shopping centres. Not only that, most people will buy at least a dozen or more of these doughnuts. What makes me wonder is that do we all realize the way they make it and the nutritional content of these creations? In US and many other countries, there is a new regulation requiring all fast-food outlets to display the nutritional contents (calories counts, etc) as they are facing an obesity epidemic of massive proportions.

Then back to my packed weekend. I am glad that I went to a movie-themed party in my friend's apartment. It was good, cheap fun as we started the night with a pot-luck dinner of pizza, salad and ayam percik, followed by 2 movies in a row. The company was excellent & I feel that we should do this more often.

We don't need a big tv..just a moderately-equipped AV system will do. It's the friendliness of the atmosphere and the space that counts.

Not only that, the family pet also joined us regularly as seen here. It was a pretty satisfying evening actually. No long queues, no dirty toilets, no long drive to the mall. Just a chill-out time with many fun friends. What a good and relaxing way to spend a saturday night indeed...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

P.E.T.I is not equivalent to S.A.F.E.

Not too long ago, I inserted a teaser about P.E.T.I. which is quite cryptic and weird. However, the time has come for me to talk about PETI and SAFE…two very different projects in two different towns but co-incidentally with the same connotations. It was quite ironic that peti (in Malay) can also mean a 'safe' (in English).

PETI is a concrete, life-changing idea coined after a brainstorming session by a few doctors in TI. We are initially aimless souls but with a heart for God, a longing to see God’s word being preached in difficult soil. Therefore the first Project Evangelism Teluk Intan was born.

Last month, we began our task by approaching strangers around the scenic leaning tower and speaking to them about principles in life, spirituality, God and Jesus. It was a non-threatening, friendly event aim to know more people and speak to them about spiritual stuff. We are not ‘out’ there to convert people or annoy or offend them, but instead we want to offer a hope and an idea about God.

The second and third episodes occurred this month but in a different location this time. We gathered near the schools and spoke to some students about many issues in life. They were even more receptive and vocal than the people around the leaning tower. We had many fruitful, eye-opening conversations with these young people. It was such a blessing and privilege to see the students asking intelligent questions and being so polite.

Aside from that, I went back to KL and was introduced to SAFE, a project organized by Charis Cheras for some women at risk. What do we mean by women at risk? It was an empowering project intended for women like sex workers, drug addicts, abused and oppressed women who needed to find a way out from their crisis. This project enables them to earn a living by making beautiful custom-made, jewellery in a designated centre in KL. I was able to help out in this project and was very touched to see so many lives being changed by this simple effort. In fact, their hand-made products are very beautiful and unique in every way.

It’s a way for the society to reach out to the unseen, unmentionable ones and I am very proud to feature some of their work here. For more information, do check out their website @ or something about safe-jewellery on the blogspot platform which just came out, fresh from the oven...

Doesn't all girls adore nice bling-blings?

That's my friend actively involved in selling these items for charity. Well-done girls!