Sunday, August 3, 2008

Food and an atypical movie-nite

I love Japanese food. These gastronomical wonders are always sensory treats, as the act of preparing good Japanese food involved all 5 senses....of sight, smell, sound, taste and feel. The food is presented in a very delightful manner, with multiple colours and beautiful cutleries/utensils. The most perennial favourite among Malaysians would be the ubiquitous Sushi King but in recent years, many new Japanese restaurants appeared on the scene.

Most of these restaurants are quite costly but with a peaceful Zen-like ambience which is very conducive for conversations. The food is mostly in small portions (which add on to our expenses as we pile on the plates). I guess most of us cannot resist the pretty and tasty sushi on colourful plates anyway...

I went to Mid-valley and stumbled upon Yo! Sushi. The food is quite good but again, the cost is an issue. I was a bit hungry even after the dinner there and later proceeded to a hawker's stall for a very filling meal. Of course I enjoyed the experience but I think I am still used to a hearty dinner.

The doughnuts craze has also hit our shores in the past 1-2 years. This round pastry with endless, creative toppings is causing quite a stir among us. Big Apple, J.Co, etc are just some of the many big names entering the market. It's amazing to see all the long queues in front of these shops in almost all the shopping centres. Not only that, most people will buy at least a dozen or more of these doughnuts. What makes me wonder is that do we all realize the way they make it and the nutritional content of these creations? In US and many other countries, there is a new regulation requiring all fast-food outlets to display the nutritional contents (calories counts, etc) as they are facing an obesity epidemic of massive proportions.

Then back to my packed weekend. I am glad that I went to a movie-themed party in my friend's apartment. It was good, cheap fun as we started the night with a pot-luck dinner of pizza, salad and ayam percik, followed by 2 movies in a row. The company was excellent & I feel that we should do this more often.

We don't need a big tv..just a moderately-equipped AV system will do. It's the friendliness of the atmosphere and the space that counts.

Not only that, the family pet also joined us regularly as seen here. It was a pretty satisfying evening actually. No long queues, no dirty toilets, no long drive to the mall. Just a chill-out time with many fun friends. What a good and relaxing way to spend a saturday night indeed...

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