Saturday, August 16, 2008

The World of rich dads and poor dads

I’m not someone who is deeply into financial matters and investment but a chance encounter with a book written by Robert Kiyosaki is changing my life, gradually. After my physical exertions one fine day, I settle down in a cosy corner to spend some time with a new book. I was pleasantly surprised at this good choice. I never thought that a book on rich dads and poor dads can alter so many of my thought patterns.

There are many ways to get rich, legally and illegally. The Cashflow Quadrant is an eye-opening concept for me as I realized that I’ve been firmly entrenched in the E & S category for so long and need to get into the B & I category soon. It’s so fun and enriching (no pun intended) trying to figure out my financial plans and learning to be more responsible for my own future and directions.

So I guess I need to turn my ideas into assets and it has to start somewhere. I’m so glad that I’m on my road to become a financial-savvy person.

So the past few weeks have been an eye-opening, roller-coaster days for me as I open up new chapters in my life. My K2 roller-blades are used actively as I learn how to stop effectively and my running shoes are breaking open at their seams. Actually, I think I have always adored rollerblading, but it’s just that I couldn’t invest in a good pair of skates until now. Of course, my current gang at DC has infected me with even more enthusiasm for this speedy but flexible sport that I’m indeed hooked…

Not only that, I’ve been contemplating how to improve my photography skills and the dust has been lifted off my poor saxophone. Well, I guess this is how I fill up the void and time without Internet in my life. These are indeed exciting times!

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Edi神 said...

Rich is essential to grab some pretty ladies...

Rich Dad Poor Dad is an perfect example for creative thinking!

Inovative in Ideas but not suitable for every0ne!