Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Private Life of a Busy Healer Bee Part 1

Bees are fascinating creatures. I love to see them in action, being so busy and productive. If I could be one insect, I think I would be a bee just because I love activities. Of course, I do day-dream and wish that I could be a gracious, relaxed creature like a butterfly but I am so different from a butterfly. On the other hand, I think a bee is much more fun and interesting. Just like how Winnie the Pooh adores honey, I think honey is the elixir of life and guess what, bees produce that too.

Back to my original story, I have decided to expand upon my extensive list of hobbies and sports interest. Besides running and swimming regularly, I am now cultivating new interests in roller-blading, hiking, tennis and photography. Not only that, blogging is becoming entrenched into my daily activities while my saxophone got revived from an untimely demise. So in short, I’m firing on all cylinders and eager to maximize my life!

According to some of my friends, roller-blading, like skateboarding, seems to be a dying fad among the youth culture. The rise and fall of r-b is so spectacular that most people seem to attribute it to the 90s. However, today I went to a shop in TTDI and bought a pair of K2 skates at an amazing discount, together with a set of protective gears. As I cruised around the spacious store, I was so thrilled with this re-discovered toy. I’m all set to explore the world of in-line skating once again..will practice all I can in DC and return to KL with good skills so that I can join the in-line skaters in their community events…hurrah!

This healer bee also had a real-life lesson from reading a wonderful blog today. The lady blogger was talking about judging others and being too critical and over-reacting to things in life. She mentioned that the main reason why a lot of communication breaks down, especially between guys and girls is that girls (especially ‘thinkers’ like me) seem to over-react and worry about things. Not only that, we can become too critical about ourselves and others. That’s how the root of gossips, slanders and defamations begin.

As for being judgmental, I was so humbled when I think about how many times I have pre-judged others without giving them a chance. In fact, if I were to be in their shoes, I would probably do the very same thing or even do worse things in life. Just because I am given so many talents and giftings, it doesn’t mean that God gives everyone the same energy, enthusiasm, principles and attitudes.

If I stop loving people for who they are, I stop being a human. I become an island..I will be doomed. Therefore, I have repented and convinced myself that I need to love people for all they represent for each of them are like precious flowers to a healer bee like me.

By the way, talking about flowers and bees...I do look forward to a hiking and camping trip at the end of this month. Endau-Rompin, here I come!

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