Friday, August 29, 2008

Weddings galore!

There's been a lot of weddings to attend in this year alone and truthfully, it's pretty tiring for me to try to schedule my time to go for all of it. Therefore, there might be times when I couldn't share in my friend's joy due to work and travel commitments but I do like to make an appearance in these events. After all, it's an opportunity to feast on the good food, see my beautiful friends as radiant brides and most importantly, imagine the number of hot guys hanging around weddings. Not too bad huh?

Despite my earlier wishes, it's actually not easy trying to catch hotties at weddings. I find that the guests are mostly well-dressed hot babes while single guys (especially) tend to avoid these events. I wonder why? I mean, there are plenty of single, available cute chicks dressed up to the nines at this kinda occassions but when it comes to guys, ermm..sorry la. Or maybe I wasn't looking previously? Hope that I will be proven wrong as I will attend a few more weddings the next few months so that I can 'cuci mata' and at the same time, snap plenty of photos well.

Recently, I went to a Malay friend's wedding in TI and she looked like a movie star! I mean, she was in her fineries and she was beaming so happily that I worry she will get a facial cramp. Of course the food was great and the atmosphere totally different from a Chinese wedding. The best thing is that I could chit-chat with my long-lost friends with whom I sorely miss. On the other hand, I'm glad that an Indian friend will be getting hooked next month so I am looking forward to a totally different & multi-racial experience altogether.

Anyway, all these events provide the best avenue for me to practise my budding photography skills. Although I'm hardly improving at a supernova pace due to my work and social commitments, I do wish for a dslr camera one day to properly indulge in my newly-discovered hobby. It has yet to fully bloom into an addiction but I know that I'll soon be a photography freak when the right time comes.

In the meantime, i will settle for my trusty little portably Canon Ixus camera for quirky and memorable shots to capture our various experiences in this wonderful journey we call life. Meanwhile, I hope that my transfer go by speedily and smoothly so that I can move to a bigger town and enjoy an urban life again. I think I am getting too used and comfortable to the bullock carts (as above), oil palm estates, sedated driving and quiet nights in DC!

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