Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Halcyon Days in August

I don’t have that many days free for gallivanting. In fact, I take my weekends off-work as God-given days to freely unleash this thirst and crave for adventure and fun escapades. I think I do make it a point to make full use of my little Myvi to traverse the length and breath of this great nation filled with many beautiful,scenic places.

A few weekends ago, I was given the opportunity to stay in Shangri-la KL for a few days (the excuse was to present my poster a scientific conference which I diligently attended ok…). I had a big, comfy room all to myself and invited a few close buddies to have slumber party there. It was great to be situated right above the clubbing hub and directly facing the bright lights of KLCC and its surrounding high-rise towers each night.

After wandering around the familiar roads around the Golden Triangle ( I grew up on Jalan Tengah and thus it was practically my neighbourhood), I really marveled at the total metamorphosis of the entire area. I could hardly recognize this place after 10 years of leaving my dear old alma mater. Exploring the streets and alleys of this ‘golden’ mile reminded me of my childhood days and how simple life used to be…nostalgic ler..

Anyway, we also managed to see some of the watering holes at Asian Heritage Row and enjoy the ambience there while people-watching. It was an interesting change from life in TI but I don’t think I can do those late nights that frequent anymore. After all, my job is kinda time-consuming and I’m too much of a nature and sports-related person now.

Of course I had no choice but to do the Shape-Men’s Health run with my buddy, Pui San. She is an avid runner who cajoled and motivated me to go for this run despite my lack of beauty sleep. I was practically sleep-running through the entire route! I was indeed grateful to finish the race in reasonable time (which I am not that proud of). I surmised that the best thing is not to allow myself to go into sleep-deprivation before a big run. In the meantime, I vow to prepare myself better in having a proper training plan, attire, order to run faster and stronger in the next race!

The following weekend was even more action-packed as we (my sis and I) traveled all the way to Yong Peng to head for Selai, the gateway to Endau-Rompin National Park in Johor. So, watch this space for my made-in-Malaysia odyssey into the heart of the tropical rainforest and my first camping experience :-)

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