Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Preview of More Daytrips to come

I'm posting this article just for the sake of the pictures.

Went to a waterfall a few days ago and it was so effortless to get to the top.

I'm sure that I'll be going again. In fact, this place is at my old kampung, Chenderiang.

And I'll shoot a lot more pictures the next time coz I wanna explore this sleepy, almost-abandoned little town that brought back plenty of childhood memories for me.

With thanks to Michelle, Pui San, Su Huey and Edward, it was a peaceful, low-intensity and happy outing with delicious food at Kampar.

More tales ahead from my little escapades in many beautiful spots in and around Diamond Cove...


koolgeek said...

you're from chenderiang? that's near my old home.

stay away during rainy season.

the cili padi doctor said...

my mom was from chenderiang..i used to go back there every chinese new year from 1985-1991.

so lotsa childhood memories there..frolicking in the river, catching river shrimps, throwing rocks at each other and picking fruits from other people's trees (rambutans, mangoes)

brought back so much of good memories from that place :-)