Thursday, September 18, 2008

Destination : Unknown

In the beginning of this month, I was certain that I won’t be in this country by this time next year. The destination? Unknown. The duration? Indefinite.

I guess I’ll just be another figure to the Malaysian government, a small contribution to the brain drain that this country is facing.Yet I’ve come to this point with a lot of thoughts, prayers and consultations with many people who influences my decisions in life.

My short 3-4 years of service to the health of Malaysians has been formative, eventful and to me as a person, fruitful and bittersweet. As I began the plans to formally leave this country, I seek to review the past 20 plus years of my life here and slowly, I know that if I were to aim for greatness, I shall no longer partake of the grass on this side of the fence.

There were previously many factors holding me back and now, there are almost none. Through my many solitary hours in this little quiet town, I reflected on what held me back and through these sessions, I saw a new light at the end of the tunnel and the light is pointing southward. Many people I met seem to encourage me towards this direction and when I pray, I have this inner assurance and peace that I shall go wherever He leads.

This restoration of direction, willpower, determination and hope comes after a period of brokenness and humility. Deliverance arrives and hope is no longer deferred. The way I live shall be transformed and moulded into more like what the Lord has intended it to be.

Why this breakthrough? This new chapter unfolded after a day of DEW ministry in which I forgave many and received much forgiveness too. Inner healing restored overflowing joy, peace, love purity, wholesomeness and courage that I was set free to achieve my true potential in life, totally unshackled and thoroughly humbled by the entire fruitful experience.

So how about now? My destination was revealed and the duration determined as I looked forward to the best that is yet to come.


Anonymous said...

Cilipadi, what camera are you using?

the cili padi doctor said...

Canon ixus 4 megapixel bought in 2004 i think.

itching for a dslr for a long time d. any recommendations?

Anonymous said...

Nikon D90 just launched here in Japan.

I'm planning to get a D60. It's lighter and good for beginner.

If unsure, get read:

the cili padi doctor said...

thanx..been finding out abt what's best for my needs.

i take a lot of pictures on nature and macro, as well as I bring my camera everywhere I go so it has to be handy and stable.

see how lor

Eugene Yeap said...

Cilipadi,are you going to singapore?I was also offered a contract but dun thin it was that attractive.

koolgeek,do you live in Japan?Yeah,I just saw some prety gals doing promotion of Nikon D90 at the Osaka Station

POTS said...

For someone who voted for the Barisan Nasional in the recent March 2008 elections, isn't it ironic that you leave the nation much earlier than us Pakatan Rakyat supporters?

Shouldn't you be the first to stay behind and pay the price for returning a corrupted regime to power once again?

Don't get me wrong, i am not judging or being judgemental.

But i am rather surprised and taken aback by your sudden turnaround from an optimistic, bouncy, full-of-life gal to one who has given up on Tanah Melayu altogether.

All the best, my friend.

Till we meet again.

the cili padi doctor said...

udI know you are not being judgmental but just voicing out just opinions and concerns.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still optimistic, bouncy and full-of-life but after a series of broken dreams and shattered hope, I've decided to be more realistic in life.

My trust is still in the Lord and after praying and seeking Jesus, I've this inner conviction to go. i've not given up totally on this country and will return one's quite near after all.

Just that, either choices for a govt in this country is not that great and the political system is quite sad for now.

I'm glad that you are staying on to fight for justice in this country and serve the nation by being a voice of reason and fairness.

Do email me when you are back in Perak and we meet up k?

as for the contract in Singapore, I've yet to see it but I'm not so bothered with the financial reward. I am more interested in the advancement of my surgical career and the excitement of exploring a foreign land on my own for some time until I get terribly homesick :-P

Ronald said...

Hmm, which cluster would you be working in? NHG or SingHealth?
Do post a bit about the inner-workings of the Singaporean healthcare and perhaps some advice for new interns seeking opportunities there.

Ronald said...

Hmm, which cluster would you be working in? NHG or SingHealth?
Do post a bit about the inner-workings of the Singaporean healthcare and perhaps some advice for new interns seeking opportunities there.