Saturday, August 2, 2008

P.E.T.I is not equivalent to S.A.F.E.

Not too long ago, I inserted a teaser about P.E.T.I. which is quite cryptic and weird. However, the time has come for me to talk about PETI and SAFE…two very different projects in two different towns but co-incidentally with the same connotations. It was quite ironic that peti (in Malay) can also mean a 'safe' (in English).

PETI is a concrete, life-changing idea coined after a brainstorming session by a few doctors in TI. We are initially aimless souls but with a heart for God, a longing to see God’s word being preached in difficult soil. Therefore the first Project Evangelism Teluk Intan was born.

Last month, we began our task by approaching strangers around the scenic leaning tower and speaking to them about principles in life, spirituality, God and Jesus. It was a non-threatening, friendly event aim to know more people and speak to them about spiritual stuff. We are not ‘out’ there to convert people or annoy or offend them, but instead we want to offer a hope and an idea about God.

The second and third episodes occurred this month but in a different location this time. We gathered near the schools and spoke to some students about many issues in life. They were even more receptive and vocal than the people around the leaning tower. We had many fruitful, eye-opening conversations with these young people. It was such a blessing and privilege to see the students asking intelligent questions and being so polite.

Aside from that, I went back to KL and was introduced to SAFE, a project organized by Charis Cheras for some women at risk. What do we mean by women at risk? It was an empowering project intended for women like sex workers, drug addicts, abused and oppressed women who needed to find a way out from their crisis. This project enables them to earn a living by making beautiful custom-made, jewellery in a designated centre in KL. I was able to help out in this project and was very touched to see so many lives being changed by this simple effort. In fact, their hand-made products are very beautiful and unique in every way.

It’s a way for the society to reach out to the unseen, unmentionable ones and I am very proud to feature some of their work here. For more information, do check out their website @ or something about safe-jewellery on the blogspot platform which just came out, fresh from the oven...

Doesn't all girls adore nice bling-blings?

That's my friend actively involved in selling these items for charity. Well-done girls!


koolgeek said...

out of so many smart brains, it has to be religious.

to be honest, i'm a little disappointed.

the cili padi doctor said...

well,each of us has a cause to live for and something that drives us along...

as long as we respect each other's views and learn to accept the differences, that's most important.

yokiehanniekiemisukie said...

To koolgeek:

well, at least the smart brains are really thinking deep...hey, religion is good least we're putting the brains to use.