Saturday, July 4, 2009

It is really a FULL HOUSE

I am probably on the verge of converting this into a food blog.

I mean, 75% of the time I write about food because not really backpacking that often nowadays and food in moderation and balance is good. Of course I do complain about my job as well, but no one wanna hear an overworked MO whining all the time right? So, lets brighten up your life with more scrumptious food!!

I went to this place in town (KL) near Kelana Jaya and there was a cute little restaurant called Full House. Its at this place called 'Ngau Cheh Sui'...uhm the literal translation will be bullock-cart water? Apparently, the place was very happening until some months ago....and now there are empty shops all over the place with barely enough shoppers to keep the place alive. So sad...

It was full house when we arrived and its literally a full house. An actual house. We dined in the lawn and walked around in the 'house'...

There are little paraphernalia for sale scattered all over the shop. For example, you can buy an apple peeler, lamps, key chains, pillows, etc.

Theres a fireplace, a bicycle, a quaint four-poster bed and even a porcelain bathtub for sale!

Food is quite good as its in big portion and with the usual KL prices. I think I will probably go again as it has a nice ambience and yummy food displayed in a cute menu.

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