Friday, July 3, 2009

I Love Pancakes :-)

This is not a sponsored promo article :-).

I am beginning to love pancakes. Especially at PHOP. Now that PHOP is almost everywhere (except for Ipoh), you can easily find your friendly pancake shop in the nearest mall.

Anyway, had a Honolulu set and loved the tomato-based toppings. BK had a dory set, which looked and tasted delicious too. Most importantly, it came with free drinks and very nice dollar-pancake dessert (with ice-cream).

Anyway, talking about Transformers 2. The movie event of the year coincided with the social event of the ‘decade’. The long-awaited, much-anticipated sequel to the cartoon series so beloved to us who grew up in the 80s was released to the general public last week. Of course I couldn’t resist watching the show ASAP. Not only that, the same weekend also coincided with K & M’s wedding at the opulent Palace of the Golden Horse and this pair of lovebirds have been together since the 90s, thus my Form 6 friends and I welcomed the BIG date eagerly.

In case you have not seen must,you must, you must watch the show. Of course some of the critics dissed the show, but the rest of us mere mortals (especially those born in the 80s) absolutely adored T2. The fighting scenes (Autobots vs Decepticons) are awesome and surprisingly emotional.

Ooops...before I go on spoiling the show for those of you, just get out of your seat, go to your car, drive to the nearest cinema and get yourself some movie tickets k?

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