Monday, June 29, 2009

Aftermath of a tiring call...

On-calls in Malaysian general hospital are generally very taxing on health and hazardous to social life. In a gung-ho attempt to salvage my sanity and physical state, I arranged a full weekend in KL after my call and guess what? I was exhausted.

I took almost 2 days to recover from the mayhem in the theatre on Friday. The non-stop activity was excellent for my learning/training but I found out the hard way about some gospel truth in (surgical) life. Firstly, there are probably some mites in the OT doctor’s room because I accidentally fell asleep for 1.5hours there and I had bites (it’s not what you are thinking, ok?) all over my neck. Although I heal quickly (by Mon it was almost gone), its darn itchy and definitely insects in origin. Could be from the woodmites or cats' fleas..though i hate to think that pets are roaming around in the OT. Banish that thought!

Secondly, McD can change lives. Literally. Without it, those of us stuck in the OT would probably perish in hunger and hypoglycaemia. Thirdly, the aircond in the OT can be so darn cold. So cold that at 4 am, I wore 3 layers of scrubs and still feel like I am in the freezer.

I mean, the day started well. Breakfast was lavish and really good by our already top-notched Fri-morning surgical-breakfast standards. Home-cooked green bean soup, garlic bread, cakes from deli garden, kuih-muih, fried mihun…it was mouth-watering and wonderful. However, things just go into fast motion the moment the morning rounds finished. A few operations & several light-years later, I was saying hi to the Saturday oncall team and zooming back to KL. Thankfully, I didn't have to drive down!

The modus operandi was trying to cram everything within my agenda into a precious weekend back at the home. Looking in retrospect, I think I was quite successful except for ditching PS carbo-loading plans before the SCIKLM. Sorry, gal…too sleepy and tired d

Lunch at Vietnamese Kitchen with the Foo family was a good prelude to my much-needed afternoon nap. Thereafter, Saturday was all about sleeping. Sunday was the really productive week as I zoomed to church, had a good lunch with family and went to the grandest wedding dinner (for me ler) this year….

Today went pretty well as well…as I watched the cool, 'life-changing' and fun Transformers 2 and had a superb lunch at PHOP (the pancakes blows my mind). Guess now I have fodder for my next blog…I can’t wait to talk about T2!

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benson said...

hi, you look more of a model than a doctor to me.