Sunday, June 14, 2009

A typical week in land of beansprouts and chicken

My housemates and I believe in doing unusual stuff in our daily lives. You know, like we specialize in eating non-local food, be it in Ipoh or KL. I've lost count of our erratic K-food and J-food obsession which seems carried on to S'pore too. However, this is an account of a typical week in Ipoh.

First thing in the morning, the girl who dates 'running' will go out for at least 1 hour with 'running' while I doze on. I wake up before she reappears so that the toilet time is equally distributed.

Then, we all rush off to work. Of course there is always lunchtime as we are not anorexic! Then afternoon means more ward work before zooming back home for some physical exercise...running alternating with swimming depending on the weather. Finally, the reward is a good dinner. As you can see from above, PS current fixation is on bibimbap and I seriously don't mind as it's quite a delicious, healthy dish actually. So, we have sampled quite a number of food from K-restaurants in Ipoh Garden East area as you can see from my previous posts...

Ipoh at night is like this. Sedated, almost deserted. Nothing like the DUN :-P So peaceful right? So dun cha worry about visiting or investing in this place. It's really not Kabul or Karachi....

Possibly, the only thing that resembles partying in Ipoh are the mealtimes in my department.
Notice that the guys in surgical love their grey attire. It's like everyone is colour-coordinating with each other! I'm glad I'm not in the XY category because I have only 2 grey items in my wardrobe unlike the machas in surgical dept.

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