Monday, June 22, 2009

One sleepy,grumpy cilipadi

In a 'grumpy' mood today..short on food, low on sleep and lack of water past few days. Its a wonder that pimples have yet to break out all over my might start anytime soon! I foresee my hair becoming like Hermione Granger's and my vision as bad as Harry Potter soon. All those staring into tiny structures in the middle of the night, trying to stop bleeding vessels, etc,etc in the OT is tiring.

Somehow, I love the OT though. Weird right? Put me in there, and all the tiredness dissipates (of course it comes back the moment I change out of scrubs). Its like a love-hate the job, hate the sleeplessness...especially at 4 am when I am about to open up another abdomen for some ill patient. Time waits for no one u know..particularly for patients with one foot in the grave. We will try our best to 'yank' them out! No matter what time of the day!

In the meantime, let me yank myself away from the computer so that I could get some sleep.

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