Saturday, June 13, 2009

Leftovers of the Imperialistic Heydays 1

Intend to do a photo essays on buildings in Asia and what better place to start than with Singapore since I was spotted there not long ago. Of course initially I wanted to start with my dearest birthplace KL but I realize that it's so hazy recently that I cannot even see my own toes! So no gallivanting around the city centre until the weather improves....

First, we start with the front facade of the Victoria Concert Hall, housing the Singapore Symphonic Orchestra. No, we didn't go in and we didn't stop long. All I did was to snap a photo of it and cabut lari!

One of my random shots while I'm about to cross the road. This is Stamford House, which historically was one of the major shopping centres in Singapore. Of course, we now have Vivocity, Ngee Ann City, Tangs, Heeren Mall, Far East Mall, Novena Square, etc, etc....

Fullerton Hotel. This former General Post Office has morphed into a very posh, exclusive 5-star hotel smack in the middle of prime land in Singapore. I think the bronze statues of kids outside this hotel, jumping into the Singapore River, is kinda cute.

This is not Salisbury or Notre Dame. It is CHIJMES (yeah, you are supposed to pronounce it!) It used to be a Catholic convent and quarters but now converted to a chic, outdoorsy eatery and lifestyle hang-out. As usual, we snap and left...didn't stop to sample the delicacies, but I am sure that someone out there have blogged about the food in CHIJMES right? So I just wanna add that I love the beautiful symmetry and wonderful restoration of this 'little' convent.

This colourful building with huge banners of Emperor Kang-Xi is the Asian Civilization Museum. We, both being typical Asians, actually came to this museum on Friday but on learning that admission is free on weekends, we decided to drop by again on Saturday when its FREE admission. The only problem was was totally packed. The place was absolutely swamped by a huge would find the equivalent crowd in MidValley GSC movie theatre! We managed to squeeze ourselves into one of the smaller galleries but missed the interesting KangXi exhibition. I hope it'll be there in August after my exams. So the lesson of the day is : Don't be a cheapskate like me!

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