Monday, June 1, 2009

The crazy, productive weekend with CPD and

I'm still grumpily nursing a very sore throat while typing this. Of all things, I was wondering whether I actually caught the H1N1 virus while gallivanting down south. week of lounging around at home, studying for the EXAMS and going online sounds good as I go in and out of fever. Somehow, my amazing immune system kicked in and I actually came out of the acute phase of illness...aaargh. There goes my free holiday!

Talking about holiday, the short break to S'pore was about shopping, eating and running. Literally, in that order of importance! Sightseeing was secondary as it was the GSS (Great Singapore Sales) I've almost lost count of the number of shopping centres we visited. It was amazing that I escaped with only 1 new dress and a lot of freebies from the run.

Well, the run. I've decided to dedicate one special post to the adidas Sundown Marathon so I'll keep it short here. Let's just say that I should have trained well and be a proper runner, instead of a jogger. My muscles are still screaming in pain as I vow to embark on proper training for the SHAPE run in Putrajaya next month. Ouch, ouch...

The walking before and after the race was good though. We went to a lot of important landmarks, like the Esplanade, Singapore River (and the walk), Fullerton Hotel,Asian Civilization Museum, Merlion and Singapore Flyer (but we were too cheapskate to actually go onto the Flyer)

Along the way, we learnt that there are no such thing as motorcycles, rubbish or illegal hawker stalls in this place. However, cult groups do keep a visible presence by public demonstrations and I've never caught two girls wearing the same dress.'s like shopping is a national pastime and being fashionable is second nature to all Singaporean ladies. Well done, gals!

Coming up next, more stories about the race and more interesting stuff PS and I discovered on this tiny island....

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