Monday, May 25, 2009

I miss these...

Today I am oncall. Being able to post this up also means that it's a darn good call so far. Hanging around in the op theatre because of the really good air-condition in this place while waiting for a case to come in. Weekends have 'normalized' as I could actually study in the hospital instead of running around like a headless chicken!

I miss good seafood though. I remember the cheap and fresh seafood in TI and wondering if I should go to T.Tualang for similar fare. Just a few weeks ago, had wonderful shrimps and fish at Bubba Gump & Co at the Curve and the portions were huge. Quite nice though as usual, KL prices lar.

Once in a while, we have some good donuts here in Ipoh these from Big Apple found in SOPD one fated Friday morning. Obviously it disappeared not long after this picture was taken. The rate of diabetes mellitus in Malaysia is still rising. We wonder why....

This is to show that I am still in the OT. Beats holding the pager anytime.

In the meanwhile, it's still some time before I can go home this month. Guess where's this place thoughl?

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