Sunday, May 3, 2009

What happened on a hot lazy May Day afternoon..

I was sitting next to this dog. She is ageing and wheezing away, hardly able to walk without limping. Her eyes, patchy with cataract, was filled with wisdom and kindness, accumulated from years of living with highly-intellectual and intelligent parents.

I was chatting with the owners of this dog. He is very young and runs about wonders with the world and clearly filled with youthfulness and energy. He kept on banging against everything as he barely could stop his joyful runs in time and his tail dropped in between his legs the moment we talked about his naughtiness.

I was having lunch, tea and dinner with my pal from uni, WW and my lovely professor, Prof LL in her airy home in PJ. Missing out on each other's life for almost 3 years, we spent the whole afternoon talking and sipping iced tea. Lunch and tea was great and I will surely post up some pictures on that too!

I was wandering in the garden of a nice home in PJ, surrounded by tropical blooms and soothing green plants. It was wonderful how a house can have a resort-like atmosphere near the busy urban enclave. Maybe I could have my dream home one day too?

I was wondering about my decisions in life. Only time will tell whether this atypical path that I am taking will be worth the sacrifices of leaving a comfort zone. In the meantime, I really need to stop surfing, facebooking and twittering!

Anyhow, I think that the beginning of May augurs well for the rest of the busy and hot month.

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