Sunday, April 26, 2009

Entertaining (and overindulging!) postcall

I love Sundays...the modern Sabbath, the day of rest. Of course, it's of extreme importance when one is postcall and today, it was nice indeed. Firstly, I was off earlier than usual and went home to wait for PS and CS. I was surprised with a pleasant T-shirt and bib number for paying for my non-appearance at the Bidor Half-Marathon. Thanx guys!

Now, being 3 very famished people, we decided to hit the town for a huge lunch. Unfortunately, the 2 runners were feeling a bit nauseated but it didn't stop us from eating at both Kong Hing AND Indulgence.

To me, Kong Hing and Indulgence are like the epitome of Ipoh. At one end, there's the typical middle-class Ah Bengs and Ah Lians and on the other end, there's the upper crust of society mingling at the Turf Club and owning houses with land as big as my hospital. Sandwiched in between are the rare minorities of yuppies = young working professionals who yo-yo in between these restaurants.

Now, no one should miss the famous popiah, noodles and pork satay at KH in old town. To top it up, you must have the caramel custard...absolutely delish for those with a sweet-tooth. As we missed the custard (the coffee shop next door was closed), we decided for dessert at Indulgence.

Guess we over-indulged lor....being overenthusiastic hosts, PS and I overestimated. Ordered tiramisu and the Ultimate (some sinful chocolatey cake) and spent almost 2 hours trying to finish it. Anyway, the ambience was superb and we were sitting next to some rich housewives flanked by their maids and cutesy kids. Eavesdropping have never been so fun!

Overindulgence aside (haha...get my pun?), we managed to drop CS off in one piece for his journey back home while I caught up with some precious zzzzzzz...

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