Saturday, April 4, 2009

Trivial 101

Now there are times when I do get a bit truthful about myself and decided to talk about something less grand and more down to earth. You know, no more world peace stuff, nitty gritty Freudian philosophies, Grecian proses, etc but just something personal. Today, I would like to talk about random things I like.

Firstly, I love to talk. There is something everyone with the XX chromosome have in common. Most of the time, I try to talk sense, or even talk sense into people. However, there are certain times of the year where I could tolerate idle chatter, like during Chinese New Year, other traditional festivals and in some parties with people I barely know. As years go by, I begin to understand that listening is an understated skill and therefore, I am trying to listen more!

Secondly, born and bred in one of the warmest country in the world means that I adore the cold weather. The sad fact is that I have cold feet (and hands) in cooler temperatures and thus I have to keep the distal parts of my body covered. Otherwise, autumn and winter are my favourite seasons. After all, I am born in winter....

Thirdly, I adore soft toys. Yeah, i have outgrown and outlasted many of my eighties toys but that doesn't mean the girl in me would not love a soft, cuddly toy provided its dust-free and clean. Of course, being allergic to house dust mites means that I have to be careful around you-know-what.

Fourthly, I love dogs, especially puppies and occassionally some kittens too. And watching Marley and Me didn't deter my dream of owning my pet one day :-) Even the incorrigible Marley absolutely doted on his family and there is just so much of unconditional love in doggies. Now what's the number to that nearby pet shop again?

Finally, I have this unexpected gravitation towards American serial dramas. Somehow, I drown myself in the vapid world of Upper East Side or imagine myself chatting to some McDreamy/McSteamy in Seattle Grace Hospital or fancy some battle of wits with Dr Gregory House. Perhaps it's some form of escapism?

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Abhishek said...

You're right ! listening is an underrated skill. Anyone can talk, but to give a ear to someone is the toughest part of communication.