Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lousy picture and foodies galore

I'm very particular about the quality of pictures I post on my blog. I know I am not a Nat Geo photographer or someone pro, but I love photography and editing. Just that I cannot resist putting this cute photo in its unadulterated, unedited form.

It's an albino snail! There's so much of pollution on planet earth that snails are mutating, even right here in Limestone City. Seriously, I found this snail crossing my path on my way home from dinner with PS one fine night. It was moving (albeit slowly) and the path was very dark...thus the blurry image. I waited for the reappearance but so far, I have no met Mr Depigmented again.

There is a new place called Olivenz cafe and I landed in this place at Ipoh Garden East on one very rainy evening (now, its been raining every evening in every major towns in Malaysia but who's counting right? I've lost count!) The chicken chop is ok lar.

We regularly eat Japanese food...since I have been so deprived of it in TI, I was so ecstatic to be indulging in my favourite cuisine. Although its mostly Sushi King (yeah, you purist go cringe and sulk in the corner), it's better than nothing. Of course, I prefer Sushi East and Ala II but the food there is slightly more costly. Aiming to try Kizuna one day though. Of course, nothing beats the variety and cost of Jap food in KL (now thats one thing I always miss about KL..Jap food!)

And then, we have the occassional sinful, greed-fest. We have surgical breakfast every friday and recently, one of the house officers bought big apple doughnuts. I went into hyperglycemic 'shock' and almost puked. Guess 2 doughnuts are enuf to tip me over the edge when it comes to sweet stuff and tidbits. Cannot tolerate sweet stuff at all...weird girl huh?

Then one really sweet girl (another house officer leaving the department) baked a lot of chocolate cupcakes on the same day as aforesaid sweetness-overdose party. No wonder i OD on desserts huh? Eating so much of fast sugar on an empty stomach. Recipe for dumping syndrome man!

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Here's something that gives you the goosebumps! Simply fantastic!