Saturday, April 4, 2009

The irony of it all

I think it’s really funny when more than 10 people decided to contest for one constituency in the recent by-election. One local newspaper even compared the situation with the Formula One grid…placing all the candidates in a row. I guess this bewildering scenario can only happen in Bolehland isn’t it? Not only we have the extremely dubious distinction of being one of the 4 tax ‘havens’ in the world, now we have the most contestants contesting in 1 by-election. So, what’s going to happen next? Promoting Malaysia as the ultimate retirement destination for 3rd world despots and infamous extremists?

Oh, talking about Formula One, I wonder why is it that we loudly celebrated Earth Hour last Saturday and then suddenly, we are welcoming the Formula One hoopla to Sepang this weekend. Watching race-cars go in circles around the track and race-drivers going circles around the most buxomy models is almost a slap to Mother Nature’s face. I am hard-pressed to find something that is ecologically-friendly in the world of motor-racing. Perhaps I am not ‘intelligent’ enough to find the rationale behind burning massive amount of fossil fuel or changing more tyres? Maybe some fans would kindly educate my ignorant mind?

I guess I can do my part by changing some of my habits to help the Nature…switching off all electrical products when its in idle, reducing the use of paper & plastic bags, using eco-friendly transportation (ok fine, I will use my car less and do more walking I hope!) and reducing the use of water and electricity whenever I can. After watching the recent Nat Geo documentary on 6 degrees and how global warming can affect the entire earth, I know that we must stop plain preaching and start walking the talk.

In short : REDUCE, REUSE & RECYCLE. So, how about you?

P.S: Do try to identify the green campaign symbols's quite fun to check out the eco movement websites while you are at it.

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