Friday, April 17, 2009

Exploring buffet again

I wonder if it’s the start of the dry season again. Today we faced an uncharacteristic dry day in the metropolis and the heat scorched me...I was feeling faint although I went out only for a short while in the afternoon. The tip of the day is : stay indoors, drink lots of water and try not to get a heatstroke!

Back to my food story in Ipoh….

We had a buffet dinner for the medical officers and surgeons in the surgical department and all the relevant hungry people turned up. For me, it’s my first time in the brand-new Tower Regency hotel, a spanking tall tower looming just behind the houseman quarters. We used to bemoaned it as a much-maligned eyesore as the project was abandoned for 2-3 years..…now it’s a proud new hotel and tower.

The décor was quite tasteful and the blue lighting is different from the usual brownish, reddish atmosphere in most high-end restaurant. However, the international buffet is kind of small in variety and limited to a lot of local food. Spotted : One surgeon deeply in love with cencaluk (which I believe is the saltiest condiment in the world and I could barely tolerate it myself)

As for me, I don’t really eat much (serious) and this is the most I can do. One plate and it’s not even full... I’m quite an atypical Malaysian when it comes to food. Small stomach but easily hungry. Cannot and would not repent of it. Gluttony is a sin!

We all received a small door gift courtesy of B. Braun and I'm the proud owner of a huge mug, very conducive for my tea and floral drinks. Anyhow, the bluish lighting casted a peculiar hue to my pictures isn't it?

Well, the night ended early as it was raining heavily and my friends wanted to go home to study. I guess my favourite part of the buffet was the mushroom soup but otherwise, the food is pretty forgettable although the ambience is cool, especially for a small town. Definitely a place to bring your date in Ipoh, what more if you are on a diet and too excited to eat.


Abhishek said...

I guess you must have had a pleasurable time in a blue lighting. I think blue lighting is ideal when you serve sea food. What do you think? By the way, what made you click these shots, when the only thing in mind at that time would have been to indulge?

the cili padi doctor said...

thats because we were waiting for everyone to come back from the buffet selection before i started eating...for good manners lor

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

Reading your blog...looking at the food...I'm hungry...