Sunday, April 19, 2009

Reporting not so live from heart of Golden Triangle (in KL, i mean)

KayEl, Malaysia - At the heart of the golden triangle, there was a school called St. Mary’s Secondary School. It’s an all girl’s school which may have gone ‘extinct’ due to habitat destruction. You can see remains of it on Jalan Tengah.

Anyway, a group of St.Marian loyalists decided to gather up for a night of mayhem and misadventure at the foothills of the school, namely the Jalan Pinang area. These girls were seen exiting a serviced apartment, heading for dinner at D____ at Ascot.

Their tracks were easily followed as D___ is a prominent landmark around KLCC area and well-known for their other-worldly cakes (esp brownies)

Once there, the group gathered around for a photo-taking session, only to realize the hard way, that props and décor in a restaurant can be as fake as Pam Anderson’s boobs. The moment the chirpy gals leaned on the partition, it fell and created a commotion. What a glorious moment in culinary history!

Aside from a few red faces, there were no harm done as high spirits again descended upon the fun-loving group of long-term buddies-for-life. After gobbling up a delicious variety of food that D____ offered, the group decided to reign havoc upon 789.

Look at their sombre faces as they discussed about important issues like world peace and the latest movies unleashed by the forces of Hollywood.

Duck meat and drummets aside, it was still respectably early when the gals finished their extravagant meal. Thus the mastermind suggested a nearby club for logistics reason. After all, t's not easy to transport 11 rowdy gals in the middle of the night.

Although this chic place has a chic ambience, it's really hot, hot hot! Like what grandpa used to say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. To most Asian chicks, a night out with the girlfriends means aircond, lovely music and plenty of dance floor space. To a lot of expatriates, a cool nite out means alcohol and heat. Upon finding out that 789 was too hot for their liking, the group retreated back to their comfy and cool suite at CR and spent the entire night yakking away.
At press time, there were no casualties noted, except for a few liver cells.

So to my longest friends ever, here's gambate and wishing you guys good health, happy life and joy in all that you do. St. Marians rock!

P.S: Don't forget to invite me to the next crazy do! I'll just make sure that i m not postcall...

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