Sunday, May 10, 2009

Confessions of a crabby post-call MO

I hate to admit it but I am tired. So exhausted from my EOD (every other day) calls. I don't know whether it's the age catching up (I like to admit that I am 25 but sadly, I am not!) or this is a really busy place, but I'm fully worn out at 7 am while still assisting a major operation.I think it was my 7th operation for the day (and night) and not only that, I had to review 4 referrals from various medical wards on a saturday..and the lifts broke down again (what the .....!)

I wonder if I am surrounded by superhumans, esp since Miss CAC seemed to have the energy to complete the ward round until 11am sunday after a whole night-long of surgery on saturday night. LHP was on back-to-back calls and another friend was on his 4th EODs. I think we have seriously overworked and strangely workaholic people in my department (and its an understatement...)

Then again, we choose this path so we must be resilient and strong enough for the stress on our body and emotions I guess. When it's Saturday Night Fever and all the people got in motor vehicle accident left, right and centre....shattering their spleen, liver,brains,'s actually quite good for my learning experience (that's my rational left brain trying to console my highly-temperamental right brain)

Gosh, would someone please hand me a pillow? I think i am about to sleep on my laptop :-)


民安 said...

i take my hat off for ppl like you and yr superhuman colleagues!

yr efforts are truly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn,

Keep up the good job!! I'm sure u'll make a good surgeon!

the cili padi doctor said...

Well, I think we thrive in the pressure-cooker world..that's why we let off steam on weekends and when we are not in the hosp...if not, can go nuts!

ccc said...

Salute and sigh...