Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Clown alert!

CPD is quite a klutz when it comes to things. I’m marvellous with remembering facts, people, conversations and trivial stuff but when it comes to things..just don’t count on the spicy one. So, that's why God created nurses...especially for people like me.

It was a very fine Sunday when it was so cloudy and windy. I couldn’t resist but jump out from my car (after a butt-numbing drive from KL) and straight-away head for the tracks. Yeah, there are times when little motivation is needed for me to move my lazy legs.

After my joyous runs around the blocks, I started fishing around for my keys and lo and behold….no keys! Aaaaaah…I walked a few extra circles around the track (I think I did very good distance that day) to make sure I didn’t drop my keys. No keys.

Shit! It was almost calamity as rain was falling, it was getting dark and my housemates were at an important event for the next few hours…and I didn’t bring my phone. Yup, this bright spark, in all my enthusiasm, has forgotten to carry the Nokia with me…thus I was staring forlornly at the outer gate waiting for someone to get me in so that I don't get wet. Furthermore, most importantly, I was ravenous because brunch was ages ago. Images of food began floating in my head...maybe I was delirious or just plain annoyed at myself!

My eyes lighted up when someone opened the gate and I silently tailed him into the block. Then, a big sigh....Obviously, I still couldn’t open the door to my unit. Well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that my lock is working perfectly well and I still don’t have a phone. Or keys.

Thank God I mustered up some courage and asked some student nurses staying downstairs in helping me make some call. Somehow, they are really really kind enough to help me dial a number I remembered wrongly...(yes, PS from now on, I shall remember your number correctly).

Great…now what? Again, my slightly hypoglycaemic brain was working full-time and at last, I managed to get some numbers from the hospitals and 'cleverly' obtained my friend K’s number. K contacted Mich and she came to the rescue after a while.

So, the moral number 1 of the story is : Don’t run without keys!

Moral number 2: It's always helpful to have nurses around, even out of the hospital!!!

Btw, the picture has nothing to do with the story but just a prelude to my next post….

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