Saturday, May 23, 2009's hot in here!

I think i have not been blogging much lately. Mostly due to the oncalls and now the added stress of exams. It cost a big chunk of my savings and I'm almost broke, thus no exciting new travels or pursuits recently. All I can take picture of is the view from my room as I am studying. Ah, the dull phase of the year is just about to begin as I open up the Essential Surgical practice book and push myself to study on a very hot Saturday.

I mean, the day started well considering I slept 10 hours in replacement of the thursday nite without sleep in the hospital. I took a quick swim with PS and I was about to study when I was distracted with Kris Allen and AI.

The Net was abuzzed with news of how Adam Lambert lost, so much so I felt sorry for Kris. I mean, he is a sweet guy, talented and cute...the people should give him a break. AL has a good voice yet there is just so much of drama and weirdness surrounding him. Of course, he is gracious in losing but I'm on the Kris Allen camp all the congratulations to someone who would come up with songs I would listen to anytime on my Ipod. Seriously...

Lunch was a departure from the usual kantin food (you know, the oily and salty food in the hospital cafeteria). We braved the humongous crowd at Jusco and the hot sun to reach the quiet Korean restaurant in Ipoh Garden East. It's called Kim Kwang Sook, opposite Sushi East and relatively new.

We both enjoyed our bibimbap and Korean side dishes...hhhmm, maybe it was due to my good appetite after a good swim. Anyhow, the food tasted good and authentic so I was one happy girl as we drove home. Now, let's hope I won't be too goes another round of staying awake in front of my books!


Puisan said...

we SO gotta go back for more bibimbap next week!!!! I think it's gonna be my new food obsession!!!

pam said...

i think this shop is better than r u lohas, agree??