Sunday, June 7, 2009

My favourite shop this year

I know that there is an inner nerd in me. When I was a little girl, as soon as I learnt how to read and write, I love all types of stories and books. Most of all, I love reading about natural science, discovery and inventions. As you see, I am not a science museum curator or a biologist-conservationist...but who knows, one day I might be running a science or medical learning centre, all willing to share life-changing facts to willing visitors.

Thus its no wonder that I went to Vivo City and literally fell in love with a shop there. It's called the National Geographic store and its a wonder trove of knicks-knacks from all over the world and packed with many types of things fit for a would-be explorer. Just my cup of tea. It's like a shop pretending to be a museum in a shopping centre. Ah, the idiosyncrasies down south.

There are impressive-looking Gore-tex suits and equipments meant for keeping our body temperature stable in harsh conditions, a extreme-cold freezing chamber that measures how fast we lose heat, many geographical tools and gadgets and a lot of furnitures from lesser known parts of the world. Not to mention, a lot of mind-boggling paintings and tools available for viewing or for sale.

Of course, we could get their world-famous posters in this place. Of course the original cost a lot lot more but reproductions are better than nothing, isn't it? There is even a huge drift-wood horse/giraffe right at the entrance which was already sold to some discerning collector!

So for those of you hanging around Singapore with a lot of time and cash to burn and a very curious mind, do drop by Vivo City for this very amusing and interesting shop.

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