Saturday, July 25, 2009

The top-notched Top Hat

I was in town for the weekend (literally in town centre) for a conference and dropped by the Top Hat for dinner.

Now, I’m sure plenty of people have written stuff about Top Hat restaurant prior to this. It’s been listed in Tatler’s Best Restaurant list for ages and it’s quite a classy place with a killer ambience to match.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselved. Our party of four (3 flowers and a thorn) ordered similar appetizers and desserts but totally different main course.

The pai tee was just average. It’s a vegetarian dish so good for everyone but the crust is too thick. For the record, I loved PS’ pasta. It’s superb! Somehow, the chicken pie is good while my own nyonya concoction could be a lot better.

The vegetarian pasta had a balanced mix of vegetable in it with a very full-flavoured taste. The nyonya mix of dishes had lamb stew, brinjal with belacan, vegetable with taucu and chicken soup. Probably exotic enough for tourists but the taste is too familiar and ‘normal’ IMHO.

What we unanimously declared scrumptious was the peach was really sinful and to-die-for. Even the non-dessert person (yours truly) was impressed although I couldn’t finish the sizeable portion. Felt very gluttonous so I was thankful for the walk back to my room nearby

A good and enjoyable Friday nite out indeed!


Koon said...

ooh ... u were at the MTS? how come I didn't c u there?

the cili padi doctor said...

Of course I am not there...I am at the Urology conference @ KLCC ler

Koon said...

lol ... ok ... silly me! was just wondering! :)

christine said...

TOP HAT is awesome :) but you're right. ambience more than anything else. i remember the laksa being quite scrumptious :)

are you planning to do urology?

urkawan said...

have a break - have a read