Wednesday, July 15, 2009

D for delightful diner

It's not too tough doing a food blog..rite? That's before I realized that I usually gobble down the food before I haf a chance to purposefully snap a pic of it. So it was a good day when PS and I go to one of our regular joints : Dave's Diner

This place is relatively's opposite Greentown Business Area and near enough to the hospital and our house to qualify as one of our regular haunts. Parking is a breeze as we usually park right in front of the restaurant, which is situated next to a huge new Guardian.

The atmosphere is quite chilled and cosy. And the red bricks on the wall ain't real! I have a real deja vu feeling when I look at the it taken from some old train station? Looks very familiar....

The food is quite good. On the side dishes, I always order their garlic mash potato (that's the only carb that I really love) while PS usually orders her veggie burger. Side dishes usually come free with the main meal.

I'm currently in the midst of trying each of their burgers (one by one, each time I come!) So far, I love the fish burger because it has a whole dory fish fillet in it. Grilled fish fillet ok? Not breaded and fried like the usual lot.

As for prices, I would say it's much more affordable than the other 'fine dining' restaurants in's almost food court price. Quite irresistible isn't it? Do drop by and enjoy the delectable food in this quite-new place. You might bump into the 'regulars' there!

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Wendy said...

i like the food there too. been there once