Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What is Kin San Kichi?

Just a few words about Jap food. It's not cheap if we eat Jap food regularly. Of course, if given a choice, I could eat Japanese food everyday but it's not that cost-effective. So we save the cuisine for good ol' weekends. One fine day, we found ourselves driving past the big durian (a.k.a Science Centre) when the tummy started rumbling and grumbling...

It was makan time! To me, the Hartamas & Mont Kiara is the de riguer, happening place in KL. Way beyond a poor doctor's budget but I guess it's ok to splurge once a while. BK suggested a place called Kin San Kichi and off we go!

The spicy ramen is good. Seafood was fresh but soup slightly salty for Malaysian taste. Reminded me of the salty food in Yunnan.

As for me, I had the salmon teppanyaki and as usual, I miss the beansprouts in Ipoh. For once, I yearned for the juicy, thick beansprouts found only in the city of limestones. To give them credit, the salmon was fresh compared to a lot of other joints in shopping malls. Anyhow, I wasn't very impressed with the food.

Of course it was affordable compared to a lot more chic places in that same vicinity and thus packed to the brim with hungry guests. They probably have better discernment that me and ordered nicer dishes.

So, would I come again? I think I would rather go to a similar joint elsewhere in a cheaper and nearer neighbourhood. I guess you could give it a chance if you are in the vicinity... By the way, what does Kin San Kichi means?

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