Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Cantonese (girl) go Canton-i

I used to miss lunchtime a lot. Especially during my housemanship days, lunch was non-existent. We eat 1 meal a day or at max, 2 meals. For the past 3 years though, life is different. A lot different.

Lunch is one big, elaborate meal nowadays and a very social event. After all, Malaysian life revolves around meals isn't it?

Got a great opportunity to eat something not so healthy this weekend as my friends came to KL from far-off places. Decided to try Canton-i for the first time ever. We went to one of its ubiquitous branch at 1-utama and boy, it was packed!

The ambience is quite fun. It's supposed to be Cantonese cuisine but I didn't find anything oriental about the interior design. Nothing to complain about though..I love the patterns on the walls, dividers and windows while the lamps dangling down merrily are quite captivating.

We've gotten ourselves the window seats, facing pretty green shrubs and in the process, received a healthy dose of 'filtered' sunshine. The service was brisk and friendly despite the heavy lunchtime crowd.

For the record, I need to say this first. I loved my drink. It's an Amaranth-flower infusion and the most special thing ever. Have you ever taken a tea with blooming flower in it? Go try it. Absolutely endearing. I wished I recorded the 'event' on video.

Apparently, the dried flower will bloom admist the tea leaves as the bunch of petals absorb the hot water. So ta...daaa:

Drinking infusion from a whole plant? Not really but the illusion was pretty real though. So for green tea lovers out there, do try this drink. Amazing stuff.

As for food, I will just keep it short. Congee is a typical HK/Malaysian/Chinese fare and my friend loved it. I feel it's just average. I'm not much of a porridge person and I settled for something non-halal

Sui-Kow and Siew-Yoke wantan noodles! It was tasty but still costly for the same kind of food we can get at any friendly, neighbourhood hawker stall. So, the verdict: Good for drinks and entertaining out-of-town guests but food not spectacular enough for its price.


cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

makes me hungry everytime u blog abt fooooood! u can start writing a food guide la...

the cili padi doctor said...

I'm not good enuf pics aren't that good yet...but aiming for it now that i seem to blog about food when i m in the midst of revision. Keeps me sane!