Sunday, August 2, 2009

Who goes to an apartment for food?

There is an apartment which serves good food in town and I've been there 3 or 4 times with different groups of people to savour the taste and quirky decor. I've enjoyed it each time.

It's BK's birthday and decided to go to the Curve for a nice birthday lunch due to the staggering amount of choices. It's weird but some guys DO NOT LIKE surprises and although I am big on surprises (after all, any surprise outside the hospital is usually a good surprise)'s time to give the birthday person the choice. Initially, we wanted to go for some French cuisine but downtown was closed to traffic (due to the huge demostrations in town) and we have to settle for somewhere else. And ze apartment was ze answer.

Starters was this cute bread with unknown spread..was it chocolate butter? or some peanut butter? Not really sure about that.

Both of us tried the various tea available on the menu and I kinda like the chamomile tea. According to reliable sources, chamomile is an excellent herbal aid to sleeping. Yours truly have no problem in falling asleep (due to the amount of revision I've got) but chamomile is always very calming to the nerves...

As for the real deal, I had something from the sandwich and wraps section. It's a grilled chicken quesadilla..some sort of tortilla concoction that is just big enough for a small person like me. I wish it has more fibre inside but I just have to make do with more tropical fruits later! Anyhow, it has good mix of flavour in it.

BK had a huge grilled salmon which is 'big' enough for the muscleman. I didn't really fancy oregano but he enjoyed the dish. The menu is very extensive and so far, I have yet to try most of the selections. For the record, I've always enjoyed the cosy ambience and good service here and food is mostly scrumptious.

So I guess you might catch me in the apartment again..
P.S: There is another sister outlet in KLCC facing the park. I've been there last year and it's worth another visit there too!

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