Sunday, August 16, 2009

My life past 1 week

A lot of studying. So much so that I felt like I was zapped back to uni days again. I've been studying since past 1-2 months but the past few weeks was the intensive revision, hopping from 1 book to another because of the vast syllabus and not knowing what to expect. After all, I've not gone to any revision courses and I've been studying on my own without a study partner. Aside from a few practice sessions with my seniors and surgeons, I'm almost clueless and entirely on my own.

The most brilliant thing was getting this room in Dover Close. I love the quietness and serenity. There is a gentle breeze blowing in daily. It's facing a small garden in a shaded alcove (fringed by majestic tall trees) and so i sit by the window and study while glancing at the greeneries once in a while. There is no need for artificial light as sunlight streamed in through the big windows. An altogether pleasant experience IF i'm not so emotionally and mentally stressed.

The house is general is pleasant, clean and airy. My landlady and her maid was pleasant and nice throughout my entire stay here. With a nice garden and no sight, sound or smell of vehicles, it was like a quiet neighbourhood in Ipoh.

Most importantly, I could get peaceful sleep in here as it's away from the hustle and bustle of any roads or MRT. Assess to food is also convenient. Although it was wake up, breakfast, study, lunch, study, dinner, study, sleep for 6 or 7 days straight, I think it was made better by good accommodation. Of course I miss my friends and families but this was something of utmost I kept on encouraging myself mentally and seeking God. I told myself, sometimes, we have to sacrifice social comfort for our dreams (to console myself not to miss KL/Ipoh so much)

Anyhow, I'm very grateful to those of you who contributed to this productive stay. God has poured so much of blessings into me indeed. I couldn't be thankful enough :-)

By the way, this is a major road in Singapore at 7 pm at peak hour on Monday. I couldn't believe it when I was crossing the road after dinner. I've never seen this in KL. Wow! Where are the cars?

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