Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Strangely,I don't recall campus life was like this....

A few things I noticed in NUS when I was hanging around waiting for my exams to start.

1.Every single student has a better laptop than me. I could spot the latest MacBook, Sony Vaio, etc. Not only that, there seem to be bling-blings decorating all the laptops too!

2.The preferred choice of footwear is Birkenstock. These famous flip-flops (and infamously costly) are found adorning perfectly-manicured feet of most ladies 16-25 year old in this country.

3.The indoor facilities are exactly like my university. Note the keyword: indoor. Externally, the façade looks like Silicon Valley but the dissection hall and anatomy museum gives me déjà vu all over. It’s indeed UM’s twin (only in the inside, of course)

4. You can dress casual to campus. No one seem to mine. Less is indeed more. I guess nubile creatures should display their God-given perfect skin and body. It’s a spring/summer fashion show in here. That’s an understatement.

5. No two girls dress alike. Again this is my basic sentiment since the last few visits in Singapore. Since they are mostly slender and well-groomed, it's like a collective effort to look well. I wonder where they get the clothes from….after all, most retail will sell the same stuff. I need to go shopping here when I can afford it and maybe discover the 'secret'.

6. Reducing carbon footprint is the new buzzword. Public transport is in, cars are out. I love it when people are collectively eco-conscious and eco-friendly. Save the environment!

7. Serious shortage of cute guys. Are they all overseas or in National Service? Strangely girls seem to outnumber guys here. Maybe the guys are all indoor playing with their PS and Wii.

8. Cafeteria serves palatable food. Now that’s a compliment in comparison to certain campuses I know of. I remembered the ammonia fish in uni canteen..urgh.

9. Parking (and to add to that, ERP, petrol, etc) is bloody expensive. I don’t think I can afford a car here. Not that I park or drove here. It's all walking and MRT for me.

10. Singlish is exactly like Manglish. Now that’s something I can definitely cope with!

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