Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stress Management and the feelings of being a student (again)

Constant stress, easy fatigability and self-doubt : the natural state of mind in an examination candidate.

My mental state seems to fluctuate between panic (when away from the books) and drowsiness (when reading the textbooks). Panic attacks seem to be quite common. Got scared when I look at past year questions. Then got an even bigger scare when I don't know whether I've been reading the right books all along.

After being scared and worried, then I begin reading before nodding off. Finally I found my head laying on top of the pages, almost snoring away....I've forgotten how medical texts can be the best insomniac medications ever. Sure beats Zolpidem!

My last major exams was in final year and that was the biggest stress of my life. Now I've willingly put myself through another round of mental and physical 'torture'. Pimples sprouting out, weight fluctuating, and appetite disappearing. I better stock up on those concealers and 3-in-1 drinks!

I need a break..looking forward to the diving trip but first, I shall journey down south and face a few hours of reckoning at the exam hall and hopefully, encounter some friendly and helpful faces along the way.


cute little angel said...

Good luck!!!!

民安 said...

i miss being a student!!!

but then again, i was prolly a geek/nerd. i actually enjoy exams!