Saturday, January 24, 2009

Water babies everywhere...

The hyperactive doctors in Teluk Intan has done it again. Not contented with zooming around town on rollerblades, chatting up random people on the road about life, eating marvellous food and running around in circles, we have invaded the small quiet town of KKB.

Yup, Emily, Peter, Lynette, Amita, Alex and Tse Nee were seen with some KL friends riding the waves at the Sg Selangor near KKB. It was our first experience at white-water rafting (with the exception of boss Peter Wong) and we woke up surprisingly early on a saturday morning for it. It was so early, the sun was just waking up too....

Anyway, after a little miscommunication about changing into our water-friendly things (some of us quickly mastered the skill of changing in the car, eh?) and a short briefing by one of the guides in a funny language (some form of Manglish), we hit the water with a gusto.

Funny thing about white water rafting guides. They kept on throwing us into the water. first, the boat overturned and all of us were flipped into the water. then, they said that the boat was stuck in low water, and threw us into water. After that, during some of the rapids, we fell off the boat and we were in water as well. In short, we were practically floating in water half the time! it was fun and quite fascinating that way though...hahaha

As the water level was a bit low (dry season ahead), we worked very hard manipulating the boat around the rapids. The coordination from the entire team is very important in order to manoeuvre the boat, esp in dry conditions. i love the time when we hung out for a break at the water fall only accessible via the rafts. It was a picture-perfect picnic spot.

I think all of us got a bit of a work-out, a tan and not only that, plenty of bruises! The laughters, fun, near-drowning excitement, wonderful scenery and greenery, cold water and adrenaline was worth every bruise and scratch...

So, looking forward to another round of exciting, adrenaline-charged sports affair. I wonder what's up next in this cilipadi's life?

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