Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Season's greetings


i was so busy talking about everything else that I forgot to mention the most important line this week : GONG XI FATT CHAI! And this year, i've been wearing red so much that I wonder if I have any other colours left in my wardrobe. Ah, the fixation that we Chinese have on the colour red during CNY! Ang pow na lai!

I’m so excited with my latest gadgets on blogspot. Firstly, I put in some piano music onto it and now by just by connecting to my blog, I could listen to gentle music in times of calmness and peace.

Aside from that, I put in a weather channel for an inane purpose as we all know that we Malaysians have two types of weather : hot or rainy (and sometimes, cloudy or hazy, depending on how strictly you judge the poor weather forecasters). The CNY weather has been predictable in KL, while on the other hand, my Sarawakian friends have been swimming on the roads in Kuching. I should probably look at the bright side and think of the reduction in the rate of Dengue and Chikuniya virus (due to the lack of pools of water formed by incessant rain).

Finally, I inserted a column called a follower list. I know I ain’t no religious leader and do not aspire to be a sudden celebrity but I whimsically added this column knowing that a few friends might pity me and add their picture to the list (I crossed my fingers and hope that at least one will do so! PS, Shelby, whoever?). Somehow, I am still wondering what’s the point of putting this column in other than to satisfy my ego? Sigh…..

Gadgets aside, I’ve recorded a few other things on my phone and hopefully, will be able to upload it properly. The food on reunion dinner (as shown above) was only 40% of the entire amount of food served that night. I really admire and salute all the wonderful cooks who toiled so hard for this meal and all the other meals during that night in other Chinese families. Cheers!

It’s CNY and guess what? I ran almost everyday and so darn proud of it. Although I dun cover enuf distance to reach my training schedule but at least I am keeping the momentum again. In fact, I am so happy that I went on a hike up Bukit Tabur (went the whole way for the first time! Hooray!!) and then only went on the CNY @ gluttony diet which I effectively neutralized with all the physical activities. Perfect!

This productive, glorious season was filled with good food, naughty & playful kids, adorable doggies, daily blogging and sports. Oh, the photographs here are all taken from my new Nokia slide phone. Quite handy but not yet a dslr. Hey, I am not about to renegade on my resolution, just that I am taking my time in getting a hot, biggie camera.

That's me all sweaty and happy while hiking up the accessible and technical Tabur hill. The sunrise was so quick and over before we knew it. The hike was slightly challenging during the rocky climbs but other than that, I would say this is a good hill for training purposes.

One of the many stars I met this new year..first, it was Sumo, then Benji and finally Cally and Rover. This little 1 month old puppy is called Benji and I think he looks like a little creamy lamb right? So adorable and obedient. He loves being carried by girls too!

So, as I am heading back to work soon, I hope that I will not miss the wonderful family activities, fast Internet access and fun too much!


cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

Too much rain here...activities getting diluted.... :(

Swimming back to KL tonite! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Wanted to add myself into your follower's list, unfortunately I do not own a blogger's account. Oh well,will do when I get one! :)
Good job with the blog! Loved the classical music u added on to it! Hope u've recovered well from the car ''incident''! Take care!
God Bless!
Cheers, K.L

the cili padi doctor said...

both of u
i welcome comments anytime

do continue to read my humble blog as I aspire to be better in my writing and be a contemporary, yet fresh blogger