Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Transportation woes..

The season is upon us again. After a short break during the Christmas week, people are again at cards arrived in droves as I tried to sort out how to attend some while politely declining others. It’s not easy when I have friends marrying all over the place..some in Ipoh, Bidor, Segamat, KK, KL, etc.

Not having a car makes it easier for me to decide. I simply couldn’t go to most of them due to transportation miseries. In fact, I find it hard even to go to the bank in town, what more for social events!

Of course I want to have my car back. Unfortunately, it takes time for the insurance agent to clear the mountains of paperwork and the process is killing me softly. I pray to dear God that I will have a car by Chinese New Year so lets see how it goes. I don’t want to drive a replacement car for now as I don’t know the condition of the car given by the workshop and I prefer driving my own car, thank you very much.

At least I managed to visit another town last weekend as my sister was backpacking down from Penang and I was the designated tour guide for half a day and night, introducing Ipoh’s sight, attractions and good food with gusto.

The caves and parks in this limestone city are always pleasing and evergreen. The rainy season created havoc to our plans but the cloak of gentle mist on the hills created an other-worldly effect. With an experienced flautist playing some old-time Chinese tunes, we felt as if sucked into a Chinese martial-arts, period drama. We strolled along the banks of a quiet stream surrounding a limestone hill in very cool weather while busy snapping pictures of whatever that caught our fancy. We even wandered into an aloe vera farm near the park and chit-chatted with the farmer running the show.

I guess my sister and her friends enjoyed their brief visit to Ipoh and D.C. They spent more time exploring D.C than Ipoh due to the better weather here. I was a tad surprised but seriously, Perak is too big a state to truly have every attractions thrown into a town. D.C has its own charms and peculiarities, I guess. I think God wanted my sister to truly enjoy DC as the town was cloaked by a mysterious, charming mist each morning and thus not so hot for people wandering about.

Anyway, totally captured by this little doggie called Mongoo whom belongs to an avid birder. This lady trained her dog so well that he could actually take care of her when she is ill. The whole visit makes me want a pet, especially a well-behaved, friendly puppy. My problem now is that there are no one at home to take care of a puppy due to my long hours and frequent travelling. Oh, what a spot of bother indeed!


民安 said...

haha. took me so long to figure out what is D.C.!!!!

read from an earlier post that it's "Diamond Cove". I googled it but can't find it anywhere in M'sia.

finally, when i saw Ipoh and DC, then it finally struck me!!! Teluk Intan!!!!

Err... it is that, right? If i'm wrong, pls dun approve this comment!!! sungguh memalukan! lol!

but isn't 'teluk' 'bay' and not 'cove'?

anyways, hope u get yr car back soon. in the mean time, think of it as u being environmentally frenly! ;-)

the cili padi doctor said...


D.C is diamond cove because I prefer the word cove to bay. Actually, cove is technically a smaller, curving shoreline compared to a bay.

anyway, i guess i was trying to be irritatingly different!

yeah, my car is still in ICU (Intensive car unit)