Friday, January 9, 2009

Indulging in all things Sino

I know that I am going into a weird phase when I began craving for Chinese food. I am normally not a very Oriental person, preferring spaghetti, lasagne, fish & chips and scones to rice and noodles. however, after my recent jaunts to Yunnan, Singapore, Penang and Ipoh, I realized that I love Chinese food. Look at how good this Peking, oops I mean, Yunnan roasted duck looked. Juicy, crispy, sweet and yummy.

Not only that, the Chinese traditional costumes really suit our shape and size, thus a decision to do something Oriental for my next project. However, it will not be sth like this lar :

The latest CNY decorations are also quite OTT. Being bathed in hues of red everywhere we go..I think we see red all the time isn't it? Since Epiphany is long gone, the Christmas decor have been replaced with more Chinese-y theme and it's kinda nostalgic and 'patriotic' in a way

Of course I love red as long as it's not red from my patient's blood (my job is to stop that from happening ma)...but seriously, how much of redness can one person take? I guess we should all be optimistic and prepare to entertain parents and our relatives eh?

Anyway, look out for my new project for Chinese New Year coming up soon in cyberspace. I hope it will turn out well....

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