Friday, January 23, 2009

A letter to my neglected blog


Hi there..I am so sorry for neglecting you. I have been so busy the past 1 month that I cannot update you on anything new. The reality is that my life has been so eventful, exciting and happening that I couldn’t even begin to tell you about it,until now.

It all began on a hot, sunny Friday morning. I was busy putting various scopes into multiple human orifices, i.e. people’s stomach, urinary tract and colon when I suddenly received a phone call from the hospital. My friend reached for my phone and promptly put it to my ear (and no, I don’t hold my phone with my gloved hands stained with you-know-what! ).

Then the news came. I was being transferred. And it came 9 months after I put in my transfer request. 9 MONTHS! Just like the human gestational period, it took the relevant authorities 9 months to process a request for transfer to another hospital 1 hour away by car, within the same state. Being a good girl, I promptly finished my scope and took the phone to hear the extent of the new. It got even better..I was supposed to go in 2 bloody day’s time. Pardon my French, but WTF!!!! anyway, I calmed down and told them that I will be going to the new hospital after CNY. After all, I need to finish up my calls according to the call schedule and I am NOT about to leave my colleagues high and dry with so few of us trained people around. I would love the opportunity to practise in another big town but I disliked the fact that it was so last minute....sigh.....

Thus began my marathon oncalls I was doing 36-hours work-day 3 times a week the past 3 weeks. It was tiring but as I was very motivated to help out, I didn't really mind the calls. Not only that, I was trying to spend as much time as I could rollerblading with my roller-kaki and practicing my mime/sign language performance (which I was about to upload). Add to that, a very fun and productive photoshoot, my first time at white-water rafting, a first-year anniversary for my CF and a trip to Ipoh, I was about to go bonkers with activities.

Anyway, I guess these are all fodders for my upcoming, juicy blog posts as I resume my online activities again once back in town. Yup, I am back in good old Muddy Banks for a few days…..until I got thrown to the land of yummy taugeh and beautiful limestones again.

By the way, pardon the poor quality of the pictures. I have yet to wield the magic of Photoshop on them and I’m still using my cheapo camera. Economy slowdown, u see. Anyway, pictured below is my new wonderful phone, courtesy of the sweetest colleague and friend one can hope for. What could I say more?


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